How to protect yourself from Mobile Radiation?

Mobile Radiation – What you should know?

SAR Value in Mobile 

Specific absorption rate (SAR) – This is the metric used to measure the rate of radiation energy absorbed by human body. It is measured as Head SAR and Body SAR. As per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that the smartphones should have SAR level at or below 1.6 watts only. Phones above this SAR value will expose your body slowly to radiation and harm you. (Source – Mobile phone SAR testing)

Note – Dial *#07# to identify your SAR value of your smartphone.

High Radiation Mobile List

Here is the list of mobile with highest SAR value as per the list published by through statista. Check whether your mobile falls in this list and take precaution accordingly. (Source – gadgets 360)

Health Precautions

These are some of the tips which we have sorted for you to take precautionary measures to protect yourself from mobile radiation.

  1. Check your mobile SAR value by dialing *#07# and if the value is above 1.6 watts then change it immediately.
  2. Don’t use your mobile more than 2 hours per day especially the call time since your head is more exposed to radiation rather than your body.
  3. We are keeping the mobile internet active now a days so your body is exposed to radiation continuously hence don’t keep your phone near your heart or other sensitive areas of your body.
  4. Avoid contact with your phone by placing it in the desk or mobile holder when you are not using it.
  5. Use headset while attending calls which will avoid your phone raising to your head level.
  6. Don’t keep your mobile near your bed.
  7. Mobiles emit high radiation while connecting to calls hence take your phone to ear only when the call is getting connected. Turn on the feature “Vibrate when call gets connected” in Settings panel which will be helpful.

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