Goldilocks Motivation Rule

Do you know about the old bedtime story of “Goldilocks and Three Bears”. How it is relevant with motivation? Let us see below….

To make it short about the story , Goldilocks goes to forest and enters the home of the bears where there will be three cups (Big, Medium and Small) of porridge which is left by the bears for their lunch. She tries to taste one of big cup but it was too hot and medium one was found to be too cold and small one is neither hot or nor cold hence she had all of it and went back to her home.

Human mind follow the same way in all our daily activities. We love challenges in life and it gives great motivation if we succeed in it. We will not accept challenges which is too easy or too difficult which brings you boredom and stress. Let us see this with a quick example…

If you are playing football with 4-year old kid, you will win easily in all the moves and you will find the game boring quickly where the spirit of challenge will be missed.

If you are playing football with world class veteran player like Ronaldo or Messe, you will find the game very difficult to succeed as you will be in a beginner stage of the skill and losing each goal will make you more stress.

If you playing the game with a equal opponent with your same skill sets, you will win few goals and lose few goals but you will find the game interesting and your mind starts to think in a narrow way to shoot the goal and sense brilliantly to pass the ball from the distractions.

You would’ve figured it by now… Sit and plan your activities which can be accomplished accurately with your abilities then delegate or ignore the boring and difficult ones from your list.

When you start doing your activities in this way, I’m sure that you will love to take more optimal challenges by learning new things and experience happiness in life everyday.  

– Facticity

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